Sunday, May 01, 2005

its been a long time since i last made an update here. ;) its just so funny how my friends have changed URL's that i've decided to finally move around in this journal. i haven't completely abandoned this site, this is more than two years' worth of insights, poetry and maybe even pictures, pre-digital camera age in my house. so there.

just so its clear. i'm not about to let go of this site. :)

Friday, March 25, 2005

i have to start updating this blog again. why? because some of my friends have set up their own accounts! ;) go blogging!


black saturday. less drama. happy thoughts. kase malapit na ang easter!

Friday, January 21, 2005

just came from a day of prayer for theology, and currently waiting for 4pm to come so that i can have my thesis consultation and get it over and done with. grrr. thesis defense ko na sa tuesday, the one, final blow of my short lit career. and i cant help but anticipate it so that it'll be over.. mehn. its here. college is about to end. and it doesnt get any more palpable than this. i'm done with my thesis, we're planning for sanggu graduation as well as the LS grads, and school work has started to dwindle down. i find myself sleeping the full 8-hour requirement, which never happened until late this semester. my name is printed on the list of graduates this march. wow. four years and its nearly over.

i took the ASLATS last saturday, jan. 15. which also partly explains why the last entry here was way back december.

so...more on ASLATS on the next update. naputulan ako ng telepono sa dorm so no internet. dito tuloy ako nagtitiis sa RSF. howell.

thesis was submitted last jan. 10.
aslats was jan.15.
defense on jan. 25.

konti na lang diba? eheheheh. wish me luck. and if you've time watch my defense. ehehehe.

Saturday, December 25, 2004

christmas day is over and i'm now officially...fat(ter). it was reunion after reunion, and at times seeing the same set of relatives without even a full twenty-four hours passing. and the coolest way to celebrate christmas day? my cousins and i watched Feng Shui, screaming our heads off and half closing our eyes and half hiding behind pillows. yeah...and my cousin who was 6 years asked me, in between screams and whatnot--"Diba pang Holloween lang ito?"

yeah hon. ;)

i didnt get a lot of presents, and but i got a pledge from my uncle that he will take care of graduation party next year. i cant wait for graduation now. cash too barely trickled down my hands, and i guess it all boils down to the fact that i'm 21 and people expect me to find my own money for my own needs. WHAT??!!?!?!!?

being home is great, but what i want right now is a starbucks nearby. yum

since every entry will not be complete without the thesis rant, Ateneo is closed from dec. 18 to jan. 4, so there is no way for me to get the draft anyway. i might go around typing my own way again. but i'm not too stressed over it because i did most of the work before the christmas break. so yey me and my adviser. oh well.

my friend jet is back from the states for a brief vacation. i cant wait to see her!

three cheers for incoherence.